My Peace Corner

In many AMS Montessori classrooms you’ll find a Peace Corner.  There might be a mini Japanese rock garden or a peace rose.  My last year at Pathfinder I had a very small group of 4-8th grade girls- two of whom had a history of strongly disliking each other.  It was a potentially toxic mix.  I tried to think of various ways I could build a positive group identity and let them express themselves as well.  One of the things I came up with was our Peace Wall.  I invited them to bring in photos to personalize this wall with images that might have  significance to them, or ground them if they felt stressed.  Naturally, I had a picture of Atlas on it. Simply looking at a picture of Atlas calmed me down.  Of course, being with him was the best medicine.  The girls were a bit upset with me and wondered why I didn’t have a picture of Halley too.  The answer was simple, if seemingly brutal- Halley never earned a spot.  She was not, and is not, a source of peace in my life.  In fact, she is the opposite frequently.  It is extremely stressful to walk a dog with dog-on-dog aggression issues.  Though I’ve never measured it, I would not at all be surprised to find my blood pressure goes up a solid 20 points every time I walk her.  Halley can be a sweet dog inside, and it’s not that I don’t really value her most of the time, but it will never been the same as it was with Atlas.

I’ve lost a major source of what made me feel peaceful, and have not yet figured out how to regain it.


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